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Vivo Clinical Testing is a highly specialized clinical testing lab focused on the evaluation of topical antiseptics such as hand sanitizers, surgical site preps, and surgical scrubs. The company is a joint venture between Microchem Laboratory based in Round Rock, TX and Clinical Research Laboratories based in Piscataway, NJ, combining Microchem's decades of expertise in antimicrobial testing with Clinical Research Laboratories' decades of experience working with volunteers in clinical studies. Clients can count on Vivo Clinical Testing's skillful and experienced scientific staff to deliver fast, reliable results, study after study.

Who We Are

Vivo Clinical Testing was founded by Dr. Benjamin Tanner, a respected microbiologist and owner of Microchem Laboratory.  The laboratory offers testing in compliance with current Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations.  Clients are welcome to tour the lab, observe studies, and audit the lab's quality system.

The lab is staffed by a capable, friendly group of scientists, mostly microbiologists.  We understand what our clients need:  Fairly priced testing services, done accurately and reported quickly. 

Main Testing Services:

  • Consumer hand sanitizer and hand wash testing
  • Health care personnel hand sanitizer and hand wash testing
  • Pre-operative skin preparation testing
  • Surgical hand scrub testing
  • CHG compatibility testing
  • Custom residual and persistent efficacy testing of topical antiseptics
  • Custom topical antiseptic testing
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