ASTM E2752 Evaluation of Residual Effectiveness of Antibacterial Personal Cleansing Products 

The ASTM E2752 method is designed to evaluate the residual efficacy of antimicrobial personal cleansing products. It measures the ability of a test product to inactivate representative test bacteria on pre-determined skin test sites, simulating exposure to transient microorganisms following repeated use of the product. This method may be used to evaluate the residual efficacy for formulations designed to be rinsed, such as bar or liquid soaps, or leave-on formulations such as sanitizer gels or wipes. Unlike ASTM E2755 and ASTM E1174, ASTM E2752 is not exclusive to hand washes or hand rubs, and the testing area is selected as appropriate for the product's intended real-world applications.


This test is conducted using the healthy skin of a sufficient number of adult study participants who have not used antimicrobial products for at least one week before testing. Every participant is tested at two application sites, one to be treated with the test product and the other with a vehicle or other control formulation. The test and control areas are each exposed to the same number of treatments, and repeated applications are spaced at intervals of at least one hour. After the final application, a pre-determined length of time is allowed to pass before each test area is demarcated with three discrete test sites. Test sites are then inoculated with the selected test microorganism, such as Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli. Inoculated areas are occluded for the designated contact times, after which the surviving bacteria are recovered using a cup scrub method and enumerated using standard microbiological techniques. The recovered counts of the test product and the control at each designated contact time to determine residual efficacy of the test product.


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Vivo Clinical Testing Is:

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