Vivo maintains adequate staff and resources to ensure rapid test turnaround times (TAT). Depending on the regulatory requirements of your project (GCP vs. GLP) different benchmarks, such as Institutional Review Board (IRB) review, may extend a projects completion timeline. In general, our GCP-compliant studies are initiated within 3-4 weeks of receipt of samples and payment, and are reported one to two weeks after study completion.  Rush service is available.  If your company is in a hurry with a testing project, let us know and we can move quickly to ensure on-time completion. 

Contact the lab for more information about the estimated test turnaround time for your project.

Vivo's database of study participants includes a vast network of members of the general population as well as subjects with specific conditions that are required for participation in custom studies. Our laboratory is situated in a densly populated area of Austin, TX, allowing for our recruiting team to quickly find subjects that meet each custom study's inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Vivo understands and respects the proprietary nature of innovative technologies.  Our executive team can provide your company with a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), or will review your company's NDA then sign if reasonable.

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